Best Tobacco Flavored E-Liquids

Many smokers who crave the taste of a tobacco cigarette choose to use tobacco flavored e-liquid. Tobacco flavors are the best starting point for any e-cig user and generally offer the best transition between smoking and vaping. A high-quality e-juice will make switching to an e-cig much more satisfying and ultimately more successful. 

Believe it or not, tobacco smoke can actually get in the way of enjoying the full flavor of tobacco. Because e-liquid is not ignited like leaf tobacco, you can enjoy a tobacco flavored e-juice without the harsh smoke and tar. By using an e-liquid, you can focus on the actual taste of each tobacco and this will highlight some of the minor differences between the many tobacco flavors found from around the world. Speaking of taste, one of the advantages of smoking e-cigarettes compared to traditional tobacco is that your sense of smell and taste will be restored. Most people notice this just a few days after switching to vapes.

There is a certain smell and flavor that most of us are looking for with an e-cigarette. We would like the same taste and flavor that we experience when we smoke, or at least something similar. It is very possible to get a very real tobacco taste from an e-liquid.

Listed below are the best tobacco flavored e-liquids. They are all Made in The USA and come from the most trusted American vendors to date. Try a few of the many flavors out and see what flavors you like. 

There is a description for each flavor below. Simply place your mouse cursor over the photos to see the information. Here are my reviews of tobacco flavored e-juice.

Top 3 Tobacco Flavors

Halo. Period.
Apollo E Cigarettes
Vaporfi E Cigarettes Custom Blends