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Best Tobacco Flavored USA E-Liquids

Many smokers who crave the taste of a tobacco cigarette choose to use tobacco flavored e-liquid. Tobacco flavors are the best starting point for any e-cig user and generally offer the best transition between smoking and vaping. A high-quality e-juice will make switching to a e-cig much more satisfying and ultimately more successful. 

Believe it or not, tobacco smoke can actually get in the way of enjoying the full flavor of tobacco. Because e-liquid is not ignited like leaf tobacco, you can enjoy a tobacco flavored e-juice without the harsh smoke and tar. By using a e-liquid, you can focus on the actual taste of each tobacco and this will highlight some of the minor differences between the many tobacco flavors found from around the world. Speaking of taste, one of the advantages of smoking e-cigarettes compared to traditional tobacco is that your sense of smell and taste will restored. Most people notice this just a few days after switching to vapes.

There is a certain smell and flavor that a most of us are looking for with an e-cigarette. We would like the same taste and flavor that we experience when we smoke, or at least something similar. It is possible to get a real tobacco taste from a liquid.

Listed below are the best tobacco flavored e-liquids. They are all Made in The USA and come from the most trusted American vendors to date. Try a few of the many flavors out and see what flavors you like. 

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Halo Tobacco Flavored E-Liquids

Halo Logo
A distinct pipe tobacco feel that is not for the faint of heart. Its raw flavor is a great match for those seeking a dry tobacco e-liquid blend with very little sweetness.

Captain Jack

A premium e-liquid with unfiltered tobacco flavor and serious throat hit. Torque56 E-liquid is for those that want real tobacco flavor without a lot of complex nuances to cloud the taste.


Tribeca E-liquid has definitive tobacco undertones with a semi-sweet top note that is reminiscent of RY4 e-liquid and other treasured tobacco e-liquid blends with slight hints of vanilla and caramel


The complex blend of fire-cured tobacco coupled with Corojo and Cavendish offers a deep flavored e-liquid bordering the intensity of a light cigar.


The subtle apple flavor complements the underlying tobacco e-liquid base for the perfect combination of dry sweetness.

Midnight Apple

This very smooth tobacco e-liquid flavor offers a solid throat hit with excellent e-smoke vapor production and is perfect for those seeking an authentic analog experience.


HX3 E-liquid is an intense new e-liquid blend with a flavor unlike anything you've tasted before. With a balance of sweet dry tobacco and the slightest hint of menthol


Freedom Juice E-liquid offers a subtle tobacco taste overlaid with a sweet tasting top note. A great e-liquid to enjoy all day with a nice Throat Hit and great vapor production

Freedom Juice

Built on a spiced tobacco base with sweet tropical top notes, this unique flavor e-liquid also has a hint of our proprietary menthol base.

Tiki Juice

Turkish Tobacco E-liquid has a relatively mild tobacco flavor, so it is a great choice for “light tobacco” smokers still seeking substantial throat hit and good vapor production.

Turkish Tobacco

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ProVape E-Liquids

ProVape Logo
This RY4 tobacco blend is smooth and enjoyable with a strong icy menthol throat hit

Estern Menthol Tobacco

A 555 blend that carries highlights of caramel and nuts in a lightly sweet tobacco with a lasting aftertaste. A full bodied vape that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy any time of the day

Whitehorse Tobaco

We took the delicious 555 flavor blend of Whitehorse that so many of you love and we added a proprietary ice cold combination of menthol and other signature flavors to create Whitehorse ICE.

Whitehorse ICE Tobacco

A new golden colored vaping juice with a great 555 taste wrapped in a sweeter and more complex flavor profile.

Goldrush Tobacco

Our newest and most complex tobacco flavor has just been reborn with GoldRush ICE. It is a truly refined yet powerful flavor that you have to vape to believe.

Goldrush Tobacco

We've taken the USA made nicotine and other high quality ingredients from the Provape Premium line and combined it with our Ken's Tobacco flavor to bring you Provape Premium Ken's Tobacco PRO

Ken's Tobacco

Provape Sweet Tobacco is a light tobacco with wonderful highlights of sweet honey, real vanilla, and fresh cherry blended in just the right amounts to deliver an experience that is smooth as silk.

Provape Sweet Tobacco

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Crystal Canyon Vapes

CCV Logo
Our Triple Five blend starts out with a medium flavored tobacco. With just the right amount of dark chocolate, this eliquid finishes with a smooth nutty flavor.


Beechwood brings together a bright Tobacco with rich golden Honey. This eliquid is slightly sweet and has nutty tones that blend perfectly with Honey and Tobacco.


Blended perfectly with creamy Caramel and sweet Vanilla this eliquid goes beyond a traditional taste! Its a smooth, sweeter vape that allows its tobacco notes to come thru.

Mystic RY4


This is a smooth, savory Tobacco with just the right amount of Menthol to provide a very satisfying vape!  Neither the Tobacco or Menthol is over powering


With a smoky, rich tobacco we've blended the perfect Black Cherry and Cherry Balsam to bring you a sweet and tangy flavor.


This a rich blend of tobacco flavors. It has minimal sweetness and is bold and slightly savory. Without being overly complex, this tobacco offers a unique flavor sure to satisfy.


This is a smooth vape that delivers a true Coffee flavor with semi sweet Dark Chocolate. The Tobacco really comes thru on the exhale with jsut a hint of Chocolate to finish it off.


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Eliquid Planet Tobacco Flavored E-Liquids

ELP Logo
British tobacco 555 State Express in liquid form!

Essence 555

Cigar-1 has a nice mild Essence of vanilla with a wonderful tobacco base

Essence Cigar 1

Cigar-2 has a mild essence of cherry, also in a nice tobacco base

Essence Cigar 2

Tobacco has the nice taste of an old tobacco curing barn

Essence Tobacco

CML is a nice Turkish / American mix,

Essence CML

If you like RY4 we think you may enjoy this flavor also

Essence Liquid Gold

One of our most popular flavors, NPT seems to be a favorite menthol tobacco flavor.

Essence NPT

USA, it's an American classic, Bro!

Essence USA

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7's Tobacco Flavored E-Liquids

7's Logo
Tobacco 7's


Cigar 7's


Tobacco Black 7's

Tobacco Black

Tobacco Smooth 7's

Tobacco Smooth

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Mt Baker Vapor Tobacco Flavors

MBV Logo
555 is a brand of cigarette manufactured by British American Tobacco.


American Tobacco is our rendition of a rich and robust loose tobacco.

American Tobacco

Ankara Tobacco is modelled on a turkish sweet tobacco.

Ankara Tobacco

Tastes like a blueberry swisher smells in the package with a strong blueberry taste.


Rich butterscotch taste with a mild tobacco flavor and hints of caramel.

Butterscotch Tobacco

Good aroma. Nice cherry flavor overtone with a nice balsam tobacco undertone.

Cherry Balsam Tobacco

Really nice flavor, and definitely taste chocolate and the vague tobacco. Not overly sweet.

Chocolate Tobacco

Amazingly just like a clove cig. No surprises, just exactly what you'd expect from a clove. Wonderful scent and lingering flavor.


a sweet tobacco flavor. Interesting flavor notes with a sweet honey draw, with just a hint of spice on the exhale.

Coumarin Pipe

Kind of buttery, kind of sweet, tobacco flavor.

East Coast Tobacco

An acquired taste of a havana cigar. Bold and strong.


A heavy floral taste and very, very subtle tobacco flavor.

Honey Wood Tobacco

An excellent smokey taste with an gentle throat hit. Not overpowering but quite a satisfying blend.

Latakia Tobacco

The Midwest Tobacco e juice is made with the highest quality flavors and ingredients and will satisfy your taste buds and nicotine cravings.

Midwest Tobacco

The Oriental Tobacco e juice is made with the highest quality flavors and ingredients and will satisfy your taste buds and nicotine cravings.

Oriental Tobacco

Light tobacco flavors mixed with a slightly stronger peach taste.

Peach Tobacco

tastes like a delicate tobacco, with a hint of rose. Not too strong, not too sweet, just right for a walk in the park.

Rose Tobacco

A smooth and light tobacco taste with a hint of rum in the aftertaste.

Rum Tobacco

The famous RY4 e-juice.


Stag Leaf Tobacco MBV

Stag Leaf Tobacco

A bright and peppery tobacco with a complex citrus/herb flavor which is reminiscent of an herb cough drop but in a great way

Tidewater Tobacco

Very mild tobacco taste with a hint of sweetness.

Tobacco E Juice

A little tobacco, a little vanilla, sweet, smooth, kind of creamy.

Vanilla Tobacco

It's rich, complex sweet with just the right amount of floral. Tastes exactly like fire cured tobacco where the sugar in it caramelizes.

Virginia Fire Cured Tobacco

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