Best E-Liquid Fruit Flavors

Once you find a quality fruit flavored e-liquid, you may never want any other flavor. This category of e-juices is a favorite among vapers due to the vast amount of choices and combinations. 

The best flavors have a strong taste and a refreshing taste on the palate that doesn't overpower.

You may find that sometimes fruit flavored e-liquid takes a bit of getting used to. Each e-juice flavor can taste just a bit different when you first fill your cartomizer and start to vape. There may be an evaluation period required to get used to each flavor and adjust to the different fruit flavors. This is entirely normal and you should expect some flavors to be a little unflattering at first. Give each e-juice you try at least 20-40 puffs before deciding if the flavor is a good fit. 

One of the biggest advantages of fruit flavored e-liquids is being able to mix and match different flavors into new ones. For example, if you like a strawberry e-juice and also a banana flavor, try mixing them together for a strawberry-banana flavor. The combinations are endless and many e-cig users have found their perfect "all-day-vape" by mixing their e-liquids. 

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Halo Fruit Flavored E-Liquids

Halo logo
Malibu E-liquid is best described as a frozen Pina Colada twisted inside of a light menthol wrapper. This tropical e-liquid flavor is highly recommended for a refreshing springtime vape.


Built on a spiced tobacco base with sweet tropical top notes. Tiki Juice E-liquid offers a unique tropical flavor that splits the difference between 'tobacco' and 'dessert' flavors.

Tiki Juice

Midnight Apple E-liquid offers a unique blend of rich tobacco layered with spiced 'Granny Smith' apple top notes.

Midnight Apple

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Apollo Fruit Flavored E-Juice

Apollo Electronic Cigarettes Quality you can afford. Performance you'll love.
All your favorite berries in a fruit forward blend. This combines the mellow sweetness of blueberry with the tang of raspberry and the juiciness of blackberry.

Berry Blend

A juicy and crisp flavor that is ripe with deliciousness. Green apple is a sweet and fresh concoction that has just a hint of tartness without being bitter.

Green Apple

Cherry Limeade has the intense sweetness of cherry with the tangy bite of lime. Sweet and sour in perfect harmony.

Cherry Limeade

This is a sweet grape flavor that tastes close to a Jolly Rancher. Its got a lot of sweetness paired with a tart note for a finely balanced flavor.


Our newest refreshingly fruity flavor! Unlike other Strawberry flavors we tested, we made this one taste more like the real thing rather than a candy-like flavor.


A fusion of tropical fruit flavors with an effervescence that makes it taste just like the popular soft drink. It's a delicious fruit punch with a lot of citrus and loads of vapor.

Baja Burst

A mouth-watering combination of raspberry and hints of blueberry, strawberry, and blackberry make this flavor one you won't want to miss.


This flavor is the perfect blend of honeydew melon, cucumber, and mint. The melon flavor is the most prominent, followed by the cucumber, and then a slight back note of mint.

Melon Cucumber Mint

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Mt Baker Vapor Fruit Flavored E-Liquids

MBV logo
Acai Berry is a most described s being a cross between a rich blackberry or raspberry and a piece of dark chocolate

Acai Berry

Nothing beats a fresh, ripe cantaloupe on a hot summer day.


If you have not had an Apricot before it is best decribed with a faint tartness that lies somewhere between a peach and a plum, sometimes almost musky.


Sweet but not too sweet, and has a beautiful aftertaste of fresh ripe figs!


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ProVape Fruit Flavored E-Liquids

provape logo
This cherry ejuice is true to the flavor of fresh cherries and isn't the candy-like version found in many other juices. It's a full flavor and refreshing, like a bowl of cherries in the summer.


A refreshing taste of summer in your e-cigarette. Not too sour, not too sweet. Put a little sunshine in your day by trying Provape Lemonade flavored e-juice!


Flavorful and refreshing, this watermelon vaping juice is the ultimate watermelon flavor we have ever tasted. After trying our Provape Premium Watermelon you might wonder where we hid the seeds!


This lemonade flavor with just the right amount of cherry to give you one of the best fruit flavor combinations you can buy. This flavor isn’t just for a hot summer day.

Cherry Lemonade

The natural flavors of blueberry shine through on this truly juicy vaping juice. A light hint of frosty coolness has been added to highlight the taste of a freshly picked blueberry on a cool morning.

Frosted Blueberry

Citrus Blast is a citrus e-juice made with lime, lemon, and other fresh citrus flavors that deliver an intense blast of juicy vapor every time.

Citrus Blast

You're going to enjoy the layers of juicy vapor hidden in the bottle. You'll find raspberry, strawberry, grape, apricot and much more waiting for you in Provape Fruit Juice.

Fruit Juice

We blended tart and juicy pomegranite flavor into our best strawberry juice to create Provape Pom-Strawberry. This lightly tart and truly delicious ejuice will make you love strawberry ejuice again!


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