My 5 Favorite E-Liquid Vendors

There are many e-liquid and e-juices to choose from online. Most of the e-liquids sold online are made in China and have little to no information about their ingredients or where they were produced. 

That is not the case in the USA. We have listed only the best of the best American Made E-liquids. These vendors are the best in the world and have a passion for their product that exceeds all others.

Sit back and relax and check out my 5 favorite e-liquid vendors.

Halo is the current leader when it comes to quality and commitment to providing the BEST E-Liquid possible. On top of that, they have some of the tastiest liquids you can imagine. They have a very select number of flavors because they refuse to create products that are less than the best. Do yourself a favor and check these e-juices out.

Vaporfi is the best all around company for ejuice and e cig devices. They have a vast array of devices to choose from in every price range and they make high quality eliquid in the USA that is USP grade Kosher.


Vista Vapors has a passion for vaping that is driven by the real life consequences that tobacco smoking has had on them on a personal level. These guys want to change the world by helping people switch to E-Cigarettes thereby giving them control over their nicotine use and their lives. They make high quality ejuice and offer a wide selection of vaping devices.

Apollo is a company that takes pride in producing high quality e-juice and fantastic customer service and support. All of their e-liquid is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. You will find some of the best e liquid flavors as well as great entry level to expert e-cig and vaping devices. They also offer e-juice in bulk packs and sample packs. I highly recommend their e-liquid and their e-cigarette devices. Check 'em out! You will be glad you did!