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Mt Baker Vapor is another top e-liquid manufacturer. The have over 200 of the best e-juice flavors and some of the best prices you have ever seen. The mix it up right in the beautiful Northwest corner of the USA and have a huge following of loyal customers. The only problem with MBV is the sheer amount of e-liquids they have makes a hard choice to decide what e-liquids to buy. But if you want a selection, Mt Baker is sure to fulfill your needs, and then some.

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Mt Baker Vapor offers a full line of quality e-cigarette components and accessories on top of their amazing selection of e-liquids. You could spend days on their website and still not see everything. With that said, you may want to visit the Browse By Flavor page to help narrow your choice down. MBV is definitely a "one stop shop" for all your vaping needs. 

One of the most popular categories from MBV is their Speciality Flavors section. We are talking gummy bears, mudslides, swedish fish, and my favorite, whiteout (not the office product... yuck. tastes like white tic-tacs). These flavors are unique creations designed exclusively by MBV with the care and craftsmanship of skilled and talented mixologists. 

If you crave a unique flavor that you never thought possible, chances are Mt Baker Vapor has it. Like bacon? They have that. Need some honeydew in your e-cig? They got it. Did you get drunk and put some tequila in you e-cig? Throw that tank away and grab some tequila flavored e-juice next time. Just don't drink it! Almost any flavor you can think of, MBV probably has it.

Made in the USA with pharmaceutical grade ingredients, Mt Baker is sure to have something you like at the price you won't expect. Just remember, MBV makes all their e-liquids fresh and on demand, so you might need to let your new bottle of juice sit for a few days with the lid off to steep and develop the true flavor.

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