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My Favorite 3 Sweet Eliquids

For the electronic cigarette users who have a sweet-tooth. These flavors have added sweeteners and flavors to give you a taste of your favorite candies and treats. From Tic-Tacs to Gummy Bears, your taste-buds won't be disappointed.  

Sweet Flavors

3 Best Tobacco ELiquids

Enjoy the classic taste of a cigarette with a quality tobacco flavored e-liquid. It tastes like tobacco, minus a few thousands nasty chemicals. Choose from many distinct flavors of tobacco. From fire-cured to turkish blends, all Made In The USA. Here is a tobacco flavored e liquid review of the best of the best.

Tobacco Flavors

Menthol Flavors

Get the same menthol taste and feel that you enjoyed as a smoker, but from a e-liquid. If you expect only one menthol flavor here you would be wrong. Almost any e-liquid can have menthol flavoring added to leave you with a clean, refreshing minty aftertaste. Enjoy! Check out this review of menthol e liquid flavors.

Menthol Flavors

Fruit Flavors

Why not enjoy the taste of your favorite fruit while you vape? Nothing is better than a cool fruit flavor on a hot day. Choose from dozens of fruit flavors like orange, watermelon, strawberry, apricot, and banana to name a few. Indulge! 

Fruit Flavors

Coffee & Chocolate Flavors

There is a time and place for some of the finer things in life. Coffee and chocolates are best when enjoyed after a delicious meal or while relaxing after a long day. Now you can have a delicious coffee or a Belgium Chocolate flavored e-liquid for dessert. A special treat indeed!

Coffee & Chocolate Flavors