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You can't beat American Quality. When we make something, we make it the right way. E-liquids are no different. Other countries such as China, for example, have a recent history of producing products that can be fatal.  Remember dog treats and baby food. Anybody with an e-liquid recipe can mix up a big batch in a barrel and bottle it up and sell it as e-liquid. Think about what that might look like in China...

USA E Liquid makers love their e-liquid. They have chosen high road and make their own e-juice instead of buying bulk quantities from China as many online vendors do.

Made in the USA means you are getting a higher quality ejuice that is produced in a competitive market that weeds-out inferior products quickly. Only the best quality e-juices survive, and it takes a tremendous amount of time and passion to develop entire product lines of e-liquid.

American e-liquid manufacturers are connoisseurs of their industry. In this competitive market full of online reputations and social media, you can bet your last cigarette they care about what their customers think more than any foreign manufacturer does. 

The best e-juice manufacturers in the US are mixing and making your product from pharmaceutical grade, FDA approved products, in clean labs.  Simply put, when you buy e-liquid that is made in America, you get the best e-liquid currently available on the planet.

They have to be ready for the day they might have to face regulation from the FDA. They also know they will be the first target of big tobacco lobbyist, and they will soon be under close scrutiny. They have to take it seriously. The FDA does not currently regulate the e-liquid industry here in the States. This has allowed a flood of fly-by-night e-liquid from both foreign and domestic producers into the market. 

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You can also help by visiting The Consumer Advocates For Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA) and learn about the current threats to the e-cigarette industry. Remember to read the “Call to Action” section to see what you can do as an American vaper to help shape the future of vaping. Highly recommended reading for any e-cig user.

Now that you understand the difference between USA Made e-juice and all others, go check out the hundreds of the best e-juice flavors in the world.