The Best E-Liquids Are Made In The USA

If you are looking for the best e-liquids, e-juices, or best e-cigarettes, you are in the right place. We have listed some of the best and most popular American Made ecig juice vendors and their flavors for your browsing pleasure. 

With the amount of foreign-made e-cigarette liquids flooding the market, you don't know what you are filling your e-cig with unless you buy from the most trusted USA vendors using the highest quality ingredients. Look no further than the good-old USA for the best quality and the best flavors.

The vendors listed on this site are the highest rated and most trusted American Made purveyors in the e-cigarette industry and for good reason, they have a passion for designing the tastiest e-juices. They make their e-cigarette liquids in clean labs and with the highest standards possible. This is the "cream of the crop" and the "best of the best" when it comes to buying the top rated e-liquids. 

My 3 Favorite E-Liquid Vendors

My 5 Favorite E-Juice Flavors

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Chinese ECig Juice May Be Unsafe

No China

Several years ago, when e-cigs were first in their infancy, China was the biggest manufacture of the hardware and the e-cigarette liquid. Fast forward several years and China is still the dominant player on the hardware side, but the e-liquid industry has turned to the USA for the best e-liquids for their superior quality and flavors. 

This is due to the fact that the hardware is still cheaper to make in China, but the cost of quality e-cigarette liquid is so low that most e-cig users will pay a few pennies more for American quality. Plus when you buy e-liquids from USA vendors, you know what ingredients go into your e-cig, where it was made, and who made it. There is much more accountability and trust from domestic suppliers. 

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U.S. ECig Juice Is Safest

Added to the level of quality and commitment these vendors have for their customers, is the ever present social media factor. Social media helps spread the word of both happy and unhappy customers alike. If an e-liquid manufacturer is going to produce low quality products, social media has a way of spreading this information to other potential customers and soon they are out of business. Chinese e-cigarette liquids usually have no social media presence online and therefore can escape the wrath of unhappy customers much more easily. Do yourself and the e-cigarette industry a favor and buy only the best American Made e-liquid you can find. We made it easy for you. Click one of the options below to start browsing. 

Choosing The Best ECig Juice

Pondering the best e-liquid

E-cigarette liquid varies in flavor, consistency, liquid nicotine concentration and throat hit. The liquid nicotine part is fairly easy to understand, but what else is in e-cigarette liquid, and what makes one different from another?

E-liquid begins with base ingredients, Propylene Glycol (PV) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Both of these ingredients are considered relatively  safe and are used in other consumer products such as food and drink production and cosmetics. These two base ingredients are blended together with concentrated food flavoring, and the last ingredient, a varying percentage of liquid nicotine is added to the mix.

Some e-liquids are made of entirely propylene glycol but most manufacturers use the combination of glycol and vegetable glycerin to produce varying consistencies of vapor and flavor. Some smokers are allergic to glycol and can only use vegetable glycerin so some sellers will give customers the option of 100% VG for their base. 

Many factors go into the individual qualities of each e-liquid, such as the quality of the ingredients and the ratio of each. The PG and VG is what produces the vapor when you puff an e-cig. Liquid nicotine by itself would not produce vapor. An atomizer (heating element) heats up the e-liquid to a temperature sufficient enough to vaporize the e-liquid, this vapor is then inhaled and produces the sensation of smoking. All electric cigarettes work pretty much the same way, but if you don't use the best e-juice in it, then your vaping experience will be a lot less enjoyable. 

Due to the relatively low cost of buying e-liquids compared to smoking, buying the best e-liquid is only a tiny amount  more than buying inferior e-liquids. The benefits of US e-juice far outweighs the the extra cost.  The best way to choose a quality e-cigarette liquid is to find a trusted American made e-liquid company and try a few of their flavors. You may not like all the flavors, but you are buying quality products and you can always try new flavors anytime. 

How Does E-liquid Get It's Flavor?

E-cigarette flavors are one of the most important attributes for current smokers looking to switch to e-cigs. Different factors such as where and when the e-liquid was mixed, what ingredients were used in the manufacturing process, and the ratio of ingredients used all determine it's unique flavor. The flavoring is not any different from the flavoring used in food and candy. In fact, if you have ever made candy at home, the steam produced from boiling the candy is the same flavoring you taste when vaping. 

Many e-cigarette liquids are made using the same flavoring that the e-liquid is named after. For example, if you are vaping a cherry cola flavored e-liquid, chances are that the flavoring use in you e-liquid is the same as is used in the production of actual cherry cola.

Assortment of E-Liquid Flavors

Many vapers have found that mixing e-juices is a great way to find new flavors. By taking a banana flavor and mixing it with a strawberry flavor, you now have a banana-strawberry e-liquid. You can also buy e-liquid flavoring in concentrate and mix it with unflavored e-liquid if you prefer starting your own flavor from scratch. 

What Is Throat Hit?

Throat Hit

Throat hit is the sensation you get at the back of your throat when you inhale the vapor. When e-cigs first came out, long-term smokers didn't get that familiar hit when they inhaled the vapor because manufacturers didn't consider throat hit was such a big factor in adopting e-cigarettes. Enhancing the throat hit ensures that smokers get a similar sensation that they would get from a real cigarette. The concentration of nicotine, liquid base and the voltage of the e-cig are all considered when enhancing throat hit, but the most influential factor is the ratio of PG vs VG and the equipment used to vaporize the e-liquid. 

PG has more throat hit and carries the flavor better but does not produce as much vapor as VG. VG will give you big, thick clouds of vapor, but also masks the flavors a little. The type of atomizer you are using will also affect the throat hit. The general rule of thumb is that the closer the atomizer (heating element) is to the mouthpiece, the hotter the throat hit.

What Is A Good Nicotine Concentration?

Most e-cigarette liquids use liquid nicotine concentration that range from 0mg to 24mg depending on what the users want. The average full-flavored analog cigarette contains about 18mg of nicotine and serves as a basis for throat hit. As the liquid nicotine concentration increases, so does the throat hit, so 0mg of e-cigarette liquid might feel like inhaling warm flavored air compared to a stronger 24mg liquid, it would be a little hard on the throat for a newbie. Every smoker has a different tolerance level, and several factors determine which concentration works for a new vapor. These factors are how long the person smoked regular cigarettes and what type of tobacco they smoked.

Nicotine Concentration

Generally, the recommended nicotine level in e-liquid is 18mg, which can be used to gauge tolerance and then gradually added to or decreased depending on how they adjust to it.

Many smokers are interested in completely removing nicotine from their system. For these users it is important to start with higher levels of nicotine and work down to a lower nicotine level gradually. If you do it correctly, you will not have any withdrawals nor side effects normally associated with going cold turkey!